Ever since 1997, the brand name “Koukouvaya” has been identified with one of its creations: Zoumero® (Greek for “juicy”), which is a fluffy chocolate cake dipped in rich, warm, chocolate syrup topped with whipped cream. ∆oumero®, always remaining fresh and packed in a specially designed package, travels with you now.

Cheese Cake

A refrigerator cheese cake rich in Philadelphia cream cheese topped with strawberry or blueberry jam. For the chocolate lovers, “Koukouvaya” recommends a chocolate-hazelnut praline spread , strawberry jam and cocoa biscuit crumb covered cheese cake (+0,80) 

Belgian Waffle

Our large round deep pocket waffle is served hot and topped with chocolate hazelnut cream , whipped cream and chocolate syrup (please allow 5-10 minutes  for preparation). Superb with ice-cream 

Igloo(Low Fat)

A combination of chocolate sponge cake and rich vanilla custard based on egg yolk and fresh cream served out of an igloo shaped mold sprinkled with caramelized almond crumbs and chocolate syrup

Panna Cotta

A smooth white gelatin cream served chilled with our caramel sauce and caramelized almond crumbs. alternative  choice of  fresh banana fruit ,  sweet preserved sour cherry or chocolate syrup and chocolate flakes

Lemon Cream Cake

Lemon cake soaked in syrup richly covered with a lemon custard topping garnished with whipped cream and lemon glaze

Ekmek Kadayif

Four slices of a dense chocolate load with cookies and brandy served right out of the freezer topped with whipped cream


Crumbled crispy meringues and savoiardi biscuits, covered with bitter caramel cream, whipped cream and caramelised almonds

Banofee pie

A layer made of crumbled cookies and ground hazelnut, covered with Dulce de leche, fresh banana, banana pastry cream and whipped cream sprinkled with chocolate flakes


A combination of moist chocolate cake and orange flavored custard topped with whipped cream , orange glaze and chocolate flakes.

Cake Mousse Au Chocolat

Molten chocolate mousse cake. It’s delectable moist centre flows out when served warm. It is garnished  with whipped cream and cocoa powder


A crisp meringue layer topped with a mascarpone custard cream with Metaxa brandy and Cointreau, garnished with fresh strawberries and a luscious mixed berry puree

MeropiĘs Favorite (Low Fat)

A cold smooth gelatin three layered dessert with chocolate, amaretto and almonds

Pyramid (Low Fat)

Frozen caramel mousse with butterscotch covered cookie crumbs topped with walnuts and caramel syrup

Apple Pie

This delicious cinnamon apple pie is baked in a rich flaky crust. Best when served warm with whipped cream and icing sugar.

Chocolate Mosaic

Four slices of a dense chocolate load with cookies and brandy served right out of the freezer topped with whipped cream

Walnut Cake

A dark spongy semolina cake with walnuts and cinnamon drenched in syrup. Superb with ice cream

Mille Feuille

Our version of this French classic is served in a shallow bowl and combines Italian puff pastry bars with our rich butter cream